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    September 2015 Updates


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    September 2015 Updates

    Post  MischievousFoxx on Wed 16 Sep 2015, 7:33 pm


    General Information

    We are changing how to forum looks, but any suggestions are welcome.


    We need suggestions on what kind of music you all would like to hear while on our forum. Whether it is a specific song, band or genre, please post a comment below here or in the global announcement which you can reach from this link: M...M...Music!!


    I have added and 18+ section and will be moving topics there that contain sexual content or offensive language which only members can view, not guests. I will not be doing this with the private roleplays because it's whatever you and your friends want to do in those.


    Currently, this is only an idea. We may start up a contest forum for art, anime music videos (AMVs) and anything else we can come up with. We will be giving prizes during that time (most likely to the top 3 which will be voted by the members), but right now this is not an option. If we do decide to do this, we will have a special e-mail where you can send us information that will be seen by no one but the administrators so we can send you your prizes.


    I have added this for certain members that we feel deserve it. They are our site celebs. Amazing artists can earn this title or AMV editors, youtubers, livestreamers, models, ect. If you are a youtuber or a model, please provide some kind of proof by sending either myself or the owner a link in our PM box to your accounts. DO NOT claim something is yours when it isn't. That will get you a totally different status around here. We do allow you to promote your channels and fan pages in the Advertise section.


    Currently, we don't need any donations for the site to keep it running. In the future, that may change, in which case members will get a special Donator rank.

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