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Concerning RP Factory

on Fri 03 Mar 2017, 7:06 pm
I am going to introduce our new addition to the forum . Its purpose is to help you find RP partners, share or discuss ideas and recieve feedback. Here are some examples of what content can be posted under this category:

I. Person A wants to start a private RP but doesn't have a partner, person B can reply if interested.
II. Person A has a RP idea but is unsure if people will join. They wish to recieve feedback.
III. Person A suggests a RP idea and person B suggests something else upon it.
IV. Person A is recruiting people for his private or public RP.
V. Person A is looking for a certain kind of RP to join.

Hopefully this will help you seek what you need. Any questions regarding RP Factory will be answered here.


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