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    Roleplay sheets


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    Roleplay sheets

    Post  Aominecchi on Wed 17 Oct 2012, 12:58 pm

    I've noticed that some sheets are giving us only a little information about the character, if not any at all. I will post a guide that should be used as a reference to all you. So the only thing you need to do, is to update all your sheets with the form given bellow.



    Character name: Misaki Ohkura

    Character's nickname: Aki

    Sex/gender/race: Human, Female

    Age: 21

    Right or left hand: Left hand

    Any piercings or tattoos, scars: Several scars and injuries all over her body, including a scar across her right cheek. Pierced ears.


    Parents: Dead

    Siblings: None

    Children: None

    Other relatives: Dead

    Enemies: Aliens

    Religion: Atheist

    Ethnicity: American

    Accent: American

    Pets: Had a dalmatian when she was young.


    Highest education: University

    Degrees: Chemistry, FBI Academy

    Occupation: ex FBI Agent

    Employment history: FBI

    Salary: None

    Status and Money: Poor

    Own or rent: rent

    Describe living place: Two rooms including bathroom,bedroom,living room etc. Place is full of computers and wires.

    Describe work place: Non existent

    Main mode of transportation: On foot or by car


    Fears: Dark, being alone, bugs, classic music

    Food preferences: Lasagna

    Sleeping habits: Insomnia

    Music: Hates it

    Ambitions: Go on with her life

    Addictions: Drugs, smoking

    Obsessions: Can't stand the darkness

    Hobbies: Computers

    Leader or follower: Follower

    Book preferences: Science books

    Group or alone: Alone


    Date of birth: Friday 13th December

    Allergies: Flowers

    Handwriting: Scrappy


    Tricks: Jumping from high places, running fast due to her training at the FBI.

    Talents: Computer programming

    Passwords: There1sH0pe, Ioncelived&died

    Special Memories: While she was on a mission to hunt down some terrorists, they discovered and tortured her causing her multiple traumas which forced her to quit the FBI. She doesn't remember what exactly happen to her, but it's said that they tortured her while classic music was playing in the dark. This maybe explains why she is so afraid of them both.

    Special places: Aquarium

    Misaki joined the FBI Academy when she was 18 though She wanted to become a scientist. At the age of 20, she was on a mission to spy on an organization that were murdering people, by using their own fears against them. They had caught Misaki and forced her to listen to clssic music, while she was in a dark room with no light, being tortured by devices. Her allies managed to save her but the organization had already caused a trauma to her. Ever since then, she goes crazy when she hears classic music, or she is alone, or in a dark room. She decided to join the university and study chemistry as she was trying to forgot the bad things that happened to her. Now the Government hired her to work on the Prometheus program because of her previous experience with that organization. Rummors say that they are involved with the aliens attack.

    So, all sheets must be like this one. This sheet was made so that we can understand better the character we are roleplaying with. Secondary characters-those who you don't use most of the times- don't need to be updates. It's only about our main ones. Until the end of the month we should change our sheets.
    Thank you, Liz.

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    Re: Roleplay sheets

    Post  CenCen on Thu 18 Oct 2012, 7:38 am

    Wouldnt it be better if we should make future sheets like that instead of having to update so many sheets that our imagination basically runs out?

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    Re: Roleplay sheets

    Post  MischievousFoxx on Thu 18 Oct 2012, 8:18 am

    I figure we should just do it when we have the time. might as well and it does make sense. it's more professional and it tells you everything you need to know about a character. yeah its a little tedious to go back and redo a bunch of sheets, but its not like you have to do them all at once. just do a few a day and it wont take long at all and its not like it would be unusual to have similar characters but in different roleplays

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    Re: Roleplay sheets

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